Third Wave's
Virtual Summit:
Coaching and the New 

Psychedelic Paradigm

May 20 & 21, 2022

11:00am - 8:30pm Eastern Time

The First 
 Psychedelic Conference 
 On Non-Clinical Outcomes

The Only  
  Psychedelic Conference  
  On Non-Clinical Outcomes

While the mainstream focuses on clinical outcomes for conditions like depression, PTSD, and anxiety…

We firmly believe that psychedelics hold tremendous healing potential for everyone, not just the unwell.

That's why we're holding the first conference focused on non-clinical outcomes in a coaching context.

This is an opportunity to engage in meaningful, professional conversations about how coaches can use these transformational tools ethically, responsibly, and inclusively.

Psychedelic Numbers in Mainstream Culture

  • Psychedelic use is growing faster than ever, up 50% over a 3 year period.¹
  • 86.5% of psychedelic users are motivated by personal growth.²
  • 59% of respondents to a recent survey said they would consider psychedelic-assisted methods.³
  • 65% of Americans with mental health concerns want access to psychedelic programs.
  • The decriminalization movement is gaining nationwide traction. 5 states have already changed their laws around psychedelics.
  • Investment in the psychedelic sector skyrocketed over 330% in just the last 2 years, with $2 billion in investment in 2021.
  • The psychedelic market is expected to grow to ~$10.5 billion by 2027.


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The Psychedelic 
 Future of Coaching

The Psychedelic  
  Future of Coaching

As our culture awakens to the transformational potential of psychedelic medicines…

Trusted guidance is more important than ever.

People from all walks of life, with a wide range of goals, need help navigating this space and realizing their full potential.

Our challenge?

There are not enough trained professionals to help them all. 

Catalyzing the Next Evolution of Human Potential

Psychedelic medicines hold enormous potential for accelerating personal, professional, and spiritual growth for all of humanity.

With skilled guidance, these medicines can help anyone breathe through barriers to access higher levels of their innate potential.

The numbers are clear:

Psychedelics are poised to catalyze a revolution in the coaching industry in the next decade.

For anyone interested in the cutting edge of coaching, human potential, transformation, and healing, this is one of the most ground-breaking developments of our time.

Deep Dive Into the Cutting Edge of the Psychedelic Renaissance


  • Integrating psychedelic methodologies into an existing coaching practice
  • Relationships and human connection in a psychedelic container
  • Psychedelics, high performance, and self optimization
  • How psychedelics are transforming executive coaching 
  • The neuroscience of psychedelics
  • Psychedelic business and ethics
  • Legal landscape of psychedelic coaching
  • Accessibility and inclusivity in the psychedelic world 
  • And much, much more

Learn and Engage 
 With World Class Speakers

Learn and Engage  
  With World Class Speakers

Connect and discover new frontiers with a diversity of incredible speakers

...including psychedelic luminaries, coaches, activists, educators, artists, shamans, and practitioners in the world of psychedelics, coaching, and business.

Dr. Mark Plotkin is a renowned ethnobotanist who studied traditional indigenous plant use with elder shamans of Central and South America for 30 years. He is a wealth of knowledge on the traditional and evolving relationships between humans and plants, and author of four internationally acclaimed books. He is also the president of the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon.

Ben Greenfield is a top-tier human performance consultant, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of 17 books. His work focuses on creating a fully optimized life in an astonishing variety of areas, including: body and brain performance, fat loss, digestion, sleep, hormone balance, anti-aging, parenting, sex, relationships, spiritual practices, smart drugs, nootropics, and, of course, psychedelics.

Founder of Third Wave and lead instructor for the company's Coaching Certification Program, Paul is a 21st-century pioneer of responsible use of psychedelics for healing, leadership, and personal transformation. He has been featured in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and WebMD for his work amplifying awareness around the benefits of microdosing psychedelics. He is also the author of the book Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life, a sought-after public speaker, and a microdosing coach.

Keith Ferrazzi is an entrepreneur and recognized global thought leader in the relational and collaborative sciences. He is a #1 New York Times best-selling author of Who’s Got Your Back, Never Eat Alone, and Leading Without Authority, and a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, WSJ, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, Fortune and other publications. Keith’s astonishing 20-year track record has made him an agent of transformation and among the world’s greatest and most sought-after coaches.

Dr. Sam Zand is a compassionate and socially conscious psychiatrist. Since his training at Johns Hopkins University, his passions have grown into peak performance, crisis intervention, psychedelic therapy, and spiritual growth. Dr. Zand has worked with industry leaders, corporate executives, professional athletes, and the everyday hardworking citizen. He has established psychiatry clinics and mental health teams in over ten states. He also speaks for several pharmaceutical and medical device companies to help providers bridge the gap between neuroscience and holistic wellness. It is Dr. Zand’s mission to strengthen mental health care, decrease stigmas, improve spiritual alignment, and help others become better versions of themselves.

Dr. Cat Meyer is a licensed relationship and sex therapist, yoga instructor, and international speaker dedicated to evolving our relationship surrounding sexuality and our bodies. She is the founder of, an online platform integrating various schools of thought, including science, tantra, body movement, and psychology, to help people create a deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational and sexual life.

Dr. David Rabin is one of the leading minds of the psychedelic renaissance. He is a neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur, and inventor. He is also a practitioner of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and is trained in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

Mendel Kaelen, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Wavepaths, a company that developed an adaptive musical instrument that creates live music for psychedelic therapies. He is a thought leader on the therapeutic use of music and publishes and speaks frequently on this topic. He has been featured in Nature News, San Francisco Chronicles, Vice Motherboard, Rolling Stone, Forbes, TEDx, and others. 

Dr. “Eva” Katherine Coder is a trauma therapist, transpersonal psychologist, spiritual mentor, and teacher. She is the creator of the OINOS Temple, a five-element initiatory immersion. Her specialties include trauma resolution, deep feminine cultivation, elemental medicine and psychospiritual integration. She is the author of After the Ceremony Ends, a guidebook for visionary plant medicine integration. 

Robbie Bent is building Othership, the first ice bath and sauna classes in North America focused on emotional wellness and paired with a breathwork mobile app.  Designed to create healthy connections, Othership represents Robbie's response to his former struggles with addiction. Robbie is also a GP at Vine Ventures, a Psychedelic Medicine venture fund committed to giving 50% of profits to research and charitable causes.  Prior to Othership, Robbie was an early employee at the Ethereum Foundation.

Lauren is a psychotherapist, meditation and yoga teacher, and peace activist. Lauren believes that individual and collective healing are intimately intertwined, and this is the unifying theme of a diverse and accomplished career. She is currently focused on the frontlines of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Health magazine, USA Today, Self magazine, and more.

Dr. Amy Albright has played at the highest levels of executive coaching and strategic advising to VPs and CEOs in companies ranging in valuation from $10M to $2B. She also has a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Dr. Amy understands the practical intersection of holistic health, neurosciences, and leadership, coaching leaders into highly-aware peak performers.

Psychoanalyst, executive coach, author, and Harvard-trained philosopher, Peter Carnochan, Ph.D., has spent the last 30 years helping clients unknot problematic feelings, solve challenges, and develop more resilient and expansive modes of living. He is one of the most highly-regarded executive coaches in Silicon Valley and brings a deep, philosophical perspective to both psychedelics and coaching.

Hanifa Nayo Washington is the Co-founder and Chief of Strategy of Fireside Project and the Co-Founder and Principal Organizer of One Village Healing. She is a social entrepreneur, sacred activist, digital designer, and healing justice practitioner with 20 years of nonprofit leadership. Hanifa, an equity and belonging facilitator, reiki master practitioner, musician, and creative, works at the intersection of mindfulness, place-making, and social justice to cultivate organizations, gatherings, spaces, and experiences rooted in the values of beloved community. 

Dan Peterson is a lawyer and entheogenic practitioner. He is a co-founder of The Association of Entheogenic Practitioners and frequently consults on the blurry line between “drugs” and sacred medicine used in a religious context. Dan gives us a necessary perspective so we can all protect ourselves and our businesses as we navigate the complex evolving legal status of psychedelics in the US.

Chess Edwards is a Sedona-based Self-Realization and Manifestation Teacher who guides people in the awakening of their highest consciousness and the embodiment of their most authentic grace, peace, and power. Chess has dedicated himself to a path of ultimate freedom, devoted to the awakening and abidance of divine truth. With over 40 years of experience guiding people into stronger, deeper and more vibrant relationships with themselves, their work and the world they live in, Chess helps people awaken to their most powerful truth and vitality.

Dr. M.J. Jiaras is the principal and founder of Integrated Coaching Solutions and is a seasoned executive coach and facilitator who blends practical and academic experience with widely-regarded expertise in group dynamics. His unique combination of insight, creativity, humor, wisdom and genuine warmth has enabled him, for over two decades, to help clients achieve superior results in their quest for leadership excellence. Fortune Magazine voted two of M.J.’s coaching clients to their list of the nation’s “50 Most Powerful Executives”.

Sarah comes from three generations of M.D.s, so working out the kinks that impact mood, consciousness, and performance runs deep. She brings more than 4,000 teaching hours in cross-training and recovery, myofascial release, breathwork, meditation, indoor cycling (spin), and Pilates.

Dave Burns is a transformational coach, angel investor, and essayist. With a background in partnered meditation, relational coaching, somatic healing, mindful business training, and classical philosophy, his work today centers around the interplay between ancient wisdom and modern practicality. A very happy husband, he lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, where he practices tea ceremony and classical cello.

Host of "The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast” and founder of Grow Medicine, Laura Dawn is a microdosing mentor and plant medicine integration guide for change-makers, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators. 

Through her signature mastermind programs and retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with the wisdom teachings of Eastern philosophy to teach you how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation and creative manifestation. Through mindset, mindfulness training, and somatic awareness, she inspires you to expand the boundaries of what you believe is possible and embark on the path of heart-centered leadership to influence meaningful change.

Plus Immersive Experiential Activities With Guest Artists:

One of the world’s preeminent music producers, East Forest makes soul-inspired, deeply introspective music designed for psychedelic therapy work. He will curate a specially designed set of music for the Third Wave Summit.

Jonathan Stone started what would become Flow+Tell by inviting a dozen friends to his NYC rooftop for an extended experience with live music savasana, followed by an intimate dinner with themed conversation and artistic performances. Two years later, Flow+Tell has produced 100+ events and designed employee wellness programs for Google, LinkedIn, Christie's, Pearson, and dozens more.

More speaker announcements coming soon!

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